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Downloads on virgin go

Joining in

I have the virgin go app but it doesn't seem like there's any facility to download programmes to watch offline. Always used to do this with old app but doesn't seem possible now! How can I download programmes to watch offline?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi LSP1,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome back, sorry to hear you have been unable to download any content to watch while offline, to do this you first need to be connected to the same Network as the box and be signed in, click on the 3rd icon on the left which looks like a piece of film, Box sets and Movies, click downloads, you will then see 2 options at the top, all and Downloadable, once you click on this you will see all available content, click on what you want and you will see 4 options at the top, watch, Watch on TV, Download and Watchlist.





Thanks, but I wanted to download programmes I'd recorded myself. Previously when I'd recorded a programme ie. Coronation Street, then I could download it to watch offline when I was on holidays. Now it doesn't seem like I can do that which is a bit of a backwards step!

Thank you for that information. To confirm, what device are you using?

Have you tried to download the show from catchup?