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Closing TV GO doesnt actually close it

Since the last update, the behaviour of closing the app seems to have changed (on Virgin TellyTablet).

In the previous version, if the app crashes, freezes, or otherwise gets its knickers in a twist, it was pretty easy to just close the app in the usual Android way, restart it and everything is fine.

This no longer happens. Closing doesn't appear to actually stop  the app, it just hides it some way. So, when you re-open it, it still has exactly the same problem it had before. A reboot of the device results in the same thing, it just starts off with the same problem it had.

The ONLY way is to now go into Android settings, hunt out  the app and Force Stop (ignoring scary warnings), and then restart it.

This is particularly irritating given how often the app goes wrong (my current favourite is shows that suddenly decide they have copyright restrictions half way through watching).

Please change this back, because it seems highly unlikely the app is going to be more stable any time soon.

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