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Cant Fast Forward using Virgin TV Go app on 360

Joining in

Recording Im A Celebrity and tend to tune in late. On my old V6 I could FF easily via the App or my PC.

The new 360 box using Virgin TV Go app won't let me fast-forward. I can Rewind/Pause but not FF.

Im watching it 30+ minutes behind via recording. Its not that im trying to skip live TV or anything, just the box seems useless. Worst upgrade ever, wish could go back to the V6


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi colloq,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to see you are facing issues with recordings Via TV Go unable to fast forward, when watching and recording are you connected to the same Network as the 360 box, have you tried deleting the App and re-installing it, does this happen on all recordings?