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Can't log in on registered device

Tried to log in yesterday via Firefox to watch the football on BT Sport using a laptop which worked fine last week.

Got an error message saying the device wasn't registered when it is, but no worries because there are two slots still free so I can register it again... Then got the same message, used up the final spare slot and I'm now looking at an account with the same device in four slots and I STILL can't access TV GO. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong please? Much appreciated if so.



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Forum Team
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Re: Can't log in on registered device

Hi MrFrisk38,


Thank you for posting on the Community Forum page. I'm sorry to hear you've been having some trouble accessing TV GO.


Sometimes using a browser to access TV GO can cause the app to think you're using a different devices, this will usually occur after clearing cache and cookies or running any anti virus software. It's simply because the app relies on cookies to identify which devices have been registered and which are new.


I know it's frustrating, but it should work better on a different browser as we have heard that this does help. We have also put together a work around here


Please let me know if that helps.



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