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CPE IP Unknown bug

Tuning in

Is there a fix for the CPE IP Unknown bug coming soon? I see there are lots of posts mentioning it but no fix

For us to get app to play a recording on iPad whilst connected to Virgin Wi-Fi I have to try toggling the Local Network option off and on, disconnect and reconnect box and toggle Wi-Fi off and on, eventually after various attempts it will work but is annoying

It does eventually work so obviously no problem with my set up as wouldn’t work at all if that was the case and can see a lot of others are having same issue


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

This is a long-running story with currently no ending.

The most up-to-date information provided in another thread on the issue is the following:

’Ernie_C The reason for the delay of the CPE ID appearing, we believe, is the call doesn’t go directly to the box, but over our network which then requests the CPE from the box, and then returns via the network. So that does risk the packet getting lost in the ether. This has been noted by the development team as a possible issue.’

I see the issue a lot but it doesn’t bother me as I don’t watch recordings on the app.

All anyone can do is continue to report the problem until eventually some more effort gets put into its resolution.

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Thanks for reply and information, that makes sense, the toggling off/on kick start it I suppose, sometimes this appears like a fix, but next time it happens the same fix never works, the sequence of turning settings off/on is random

Hopefully they will fix it soon and report it as a fault rather than blame it on users VPN or Mesh networks, I don’t have a VPN and have same fault on Mesh and Virgin Wi-Fi so know that isn’t the problem

Hi Mark_P2, thanks for posting and welcome to our community.

I am sorry to hear that your issue is impacting your enjoyment of watching recordings via the app.  As Ernie_C has already advised, the relevant team are aware of the issue and are working on a resolution.  I will however, pass your feedback on, as like Ernie_C suggested, perhaps the more examples we have, the quicker it may push through a resolution.




Many thanks Lee

I’m getting the same thing. 

it did work on both iPads and phones. At that time it was connected to the hun via Ethernet and wasn’t on the same network as my mesh system. 

however it randomly stopped working. After seeing the message of having to be connected to the same network, I changed the setting and it still doesn’t work. 

for a 10 minute period yesterday, it did work on my iPhone (connected to mesh) but stopped again. 

I’ve uninstalled apps, rebooted the box and still saying CPE IP unknown. 

is this going to get sorted anytime soon? Seems to be a pretty big thing to not have resolved yet. 

Still having the same problem, even multi restarts does not work now.


Thanks for coming back to us and I'm sorry to hear this is still ongoing.

Can you please confirm if your set top box is switched on?
If it isn’t, can you confirm what standby mode the box is in? It will need to be in Active or Fast Start.
With the box in 'Fast Start' you should be able to see recordings immediately that you use the App.
'In Active Start' you will need to wait a few mins for the App to send a message to wake up the box over the network.

Can you also confirm that you're not using a VPN?
Or are you possibly using a 'Mesh' network?
Mesh networks can run on one two modes. If the Mesh is in Bridged mode – sometimes called "Access Point", then the box can be plugged into the Virgin Media router directly, and all will work ok.
If it is not in Bridged mode – often called "Router", then the box needs to be plugged into the Mesh NOT the Virgin Media router, or it will not work.
Kindest regards,


@David_Bn I will give the same information as I have given many times before, the set top box is on, so on in fact, other family members are watching recorded programs as I type this. My iPad is about 8 feet away from the set top box. I try to watch a recorded program, I tap the program and message comes up I need to be on the same network! CPE IP ‘unknown’.

No not using VPN.

No not on mesh.

I have the Virgin 1 Gig service, so speed should not be an issue. 

I have replied to PMs when requested with promises to get this sorted, but still nothing done.

Any nearer a fix on this issue, still can’t access recordings reliably, I see other people have the same issue