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What is Virgin Media doing to protect our grandparents from Indian fraudsters?

My grandparents recently signed up to Virgin media Phone and Broadband, and within days began receiving fake IT support calls from India. They had their new phone number, and called them on it, before the family did. Judging by the background noise, it sounds like entire call centres are established over there which specialize in conning British citizens. 

India is one of the most venal, corrupt nations in the world. Clearly, the private information of British citizens are not safe in the hands of outsourced Indian companies, as entire customer databases are leaked onto the black market by IT staff over there.

I am especially concerned that our elderly are easy prey for those people. What is Virgin Media doing to protect the elderly from this daily onslaught of fraud?

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Re: What is Virgin Media doing to protect our grandparents from Indian fraudsters?

Unfortunately there is very little that Virgin Media or any other telephone provider can do about these.

These call centres will randomly dial as many numbers that they can and try to scam whoever they get on the other end. They're not targeting your grandparents specifically.

They also aren't using leaked information as they do not know what services the number has - they work on the law of averages that most people will have a Windows PC or Broadband.

Even where they call specifically for Virgin Media, that's based off the number assignments for landlines that aren't difficult to find - rather than knowing specific details about the account.

The best advice is that no-one actually cold calls for an IT issue in the way these scam calls do. So if they get such a call it's a scam and to ignore it.

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Re: What is Virgin Media doing to protect our grandparents from Indian fraudsters?

There has been a lot of coverage on the forum about this, and as stated little can be done to stop these calls.  There are plenty of resources on YouTube that explain how these scams work and some of the scams are live.  I used to volunteer to show senior citizens how to use the internet (it's changed a lot in a short time), and showing them some of these videos would now be my first thing on the list.

The only way to solve it permanently is to have no services.  

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