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Welcome to Virgin Media Web Safe - FAQ's

Hi Switched On Families,


We’re delighted that our Virgin Media Web Safe protection is available to all our broadband customers that want to use it. This new network parental control tool is already helping to keep families safe from inappropriate websites.


We’ve had a few queries about this service, and we’d like to collate them all together – and either myself or another member of the team will answer them as soon as we can.


Anyway, here’s a few that we’ve already had, on the forum and elsewhere:





How do I switch on Web Safe / switch Web Safe off?


You just need to log-in to My Virgin Media - - as the primary account holder.

Go to the My Apps section, and select Parental Controls with Virgin Media Web Safe.

Click on the Manage Web Safe button.

You’ll be able to choose to turn Child Safe or Virus Safe on or off.

Changes are normally implemented within 30 seconds or so, but may take up to 5 minutes to take affect.





What does Web Safe do?


There’s two parts to Web Safe at present: Child Safe and Virus Safe.


Child Safe helps to block any unsuitable content from reaching the devices connected to your home network. So if the kids are upstairs on their laptop, tablet or smartphone, you'll feel confident they won't see sites known to contain pornography, hate, crime, drugs, violence, hacking, self-harm and suicide.


Virus Safe helps to block harmful sites that may have viruses, phishing websites, blacklisted sites and scam sites – for example, fake banking websites. So you can check your balance, pay your bills or go shopping with that extra peace of mind





What devices does Web Safe cover?


All devices connected to the home broadband connection are covered.

If you take you laptop elsewhere, or use the internet on your mobile phone outside of the house, then you need to take your own security precautions.

(F-Secure SAFE – our security suite – will work on any connection).





I’ve found a perfectly respectable website that has been blocked!

If there is a website that you believe is safe, but has been blocked, you can report by emailing





I’ve found an offensive website that should be blocked, but isn’t!

If there is a site that you believe should be blocked, you can report by emailing





I can search for and view offensive images on search engines

Some search engines will store images on their own servers, which makes this very hard to block.

Luckily most of these search engines have ‘Safe Search’ options.

Here are the instructions for doing so on some of the UK’s most popular search engines.


Virgin Media: Search for anything at and then select the SafeSearch option you want from the menu on the left.

Google: select SafeSearch Filtering, choose the relevant option and if you have a Google account, Lock SafeSearch.

Bing: - choose the appropriate SafeSearch option.

Yahoo!: - SafeSearch filter is halfway down the page.

Ask: - The option is called Content Filtering, and to turn it on choose Never show alerts. Always filter Content.

Aol: - again, choose the SafeSearch option you want.

Webcrawler: choose the approriate Search Filter option.





I’ve waited for 5 minutes, but Web Safe hasn’t activated


There are three main reasons that this may happen.

  1. Check the My Virgin Media website to ensure it is switched on.
  2. Make sure you’re connected to your home broadband connection, not a mobile network.
  3. Check your device’s DNS settings. If you’ve specified alternative DNS servers on your device, then this will override the settings.

If you have any problems with this though, please get in touch with us, either by starting your own thread, searching the forums, or calling Technical Support.







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Re: Welcome to Virgin Media Web Safe - FAQ's

I'm a web developer and one of my clients has reported that their customers can not access their website because Virgin Media is blocking it for containing malicious content. I have scanned and checked all website files and it is clear of any malicious content. I have have emailed asking if the site can be reassessed and the block removed as it is affecting my client's business but I have not had a response back. I have also tried calling virgin media customer services twice.

Any help you can give me would be much appreciated as this is an URGENT matter.

The website URL is:


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Re: Welcome to Virgin Media Web Safe - FAQ's

Hi AshEdmondson,


Looks like Nicola has picked this up with in the thread here Re: Remove my website from blacklist, please reply there if you're still having any problems.


Many Thanks

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