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Web safety

Joining in


everytime i try to click on the child safe in my account it displays the following message: Sorry the changes you made were not saved, please try again


I've tried everything and nothing seems to work


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Momo496


Thanks for posting in regards to the Web Safe issues experienced with the settings changes not saving, welcome to the community.


We're aware of an issue currently regarding saving changes made to Web Safe, this has been raised to the team who are investigating this but as of yet haven't provided an update. Once one is available we let customers know, apologies for the inconvenience.



On our wavelength

Not again. I have the same problem since being changed over to fibre. I can’t block or unblock sites. It’s been like this for weeks, how much longer will it take? Hopefully not as long as last time which was months


Bypass Child Safe & Virus Safe

Below are workarounds for when Child Safe & Virus does not or cannot be turned off

Changing network settings to use any Public DNS should re-gain full access for the device.

Try computers with Cisco’s OpenDNS using and

OpenDNS provide instructions here :

For Google Public DNS it would be the same method using and

For XBOX or Playstation: modify the network settings and specify the DNS manually as the OpenDNS or Google DNS numbers from above.

For Android: 

Settings >> Connections >> More connection settings >> Private DNS

Set “Private DNS provider name” to:   (disable when using mobile data)