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Unable to access betting app

Joining in

I've read that I need a member from virgin media to help with the issue about removing content control or something. Can anybody help? This is whilst using WiFi 



Child Safe needs to be disabled, you can do this as follows.

Login to the Virgin Media online account, find the section Web Safe the set :-

Virus Safe  ON    ( this helps avoid use of bogus / malicious websites )
Child Safe OFF
   ( this is the setting that is limiting your access to betting / social media / VPN & Zoom etc )

Thanks but I've tried this and the issue still happens


Bypass Child Safe

The following is a workaround for when Child Safe fails to turn off, or can't be turned off.

Restarting the Hub will not help as it is the VM DNS and not the Hub that is causing the problem.

If you change the computer's network settings to use any Public DNS does that re-gain access ?

Try with OpenDNS using and

I am picking this one as there are instructions here :

For Google Public DNS is would be the same method but and

Hi I've tried this but still it doesn't work. Any more ideas? 

Hi @Brecks1310 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

I'll send you a PM so can assist further with this.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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