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IP Filtering

Can you help me please?

I previously had a Virgin Media modem which enabled me to "filter" the WI-Fi, so that the children only had access for a couple of hours each evening on their tablets.

Since changing to the new Virgin Superhub 3, the facility to put these time limits on the internet with their tablets is no longer available.

I have child restrictions set on their tablets, but I can't limit the time they spend on the web like before.

I have three Foster Children, and it is important that we monitor and restrict the amount of access they have to Social Media.

It's difficult enough to control what they do outside of the home environment, but I at least need to have some control over the time they are on Social Media indoors.

Are there any Apps available with which I can put time limits on their time on the web?

Or have you any other ideas?

I would be really grateful for some expert help with this? Nothing too technical though?

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Re: IP Filtering

Could take a look at there is apps out there since you didn't say if was apple, android or windows based tablets could take a look at
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