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Hub 3 Timed Mac Filtering does not work

We have upgraded to Hub 3

The timed Mac Filtering that worked on Hub 2 does not work on Hub 3.

I can configure it but it completely blocks the device added (24x7) to the rule list. So no timed blocking.

A reboot of the Hub loses all the timed rules and establishes the general Mac Filtering policy again.

I notice that many people have raised this as an Incident and therefore you must have a problem record opened to fix.

When will a solution be available to fix this?

This is a key feature to manage access to the internet for my family.

My customer experience has gone backwards after an upgrade. Not very good!
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Hub 3 Timed Mac Filtering does not work

Hi Torrance_bloke, 


Thank you for getting in touch, I am sorry to see you have been having trouble with Mac filtering. 


Take a look at Setting up MAC filtering on your Virgin Media Hub to make sure it is set up correctly and let us know how you get on. 


The general connection seems to be ok so I don't think the issue lies there. But if you continue to have trouble we can investigate further. 

All the best



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