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HUB 3 MAC filtering changes time on its own


I block the Internet sometimes using MAC filtering, it works one hr or one day, never know how long, sometimes it is reset to block nothing sometimes to blocked all the time. 

I noticed that Virgin knows about it and they are not happy to fix, any idea how to restricted in any other way ?

Computer is connected by the cable ,phone on Wi-Fi. I can not take the Internet off for the whole time - homeworks is good excuse. Or somebody knows the way I can "copy-past" MAC addresses - it would help a little bit, but not when I need to restrict only few hrs before going to work. 


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Re: HUB 3 MAC filtering changes time on its own

Hi Oski,

I'm not entirely certain I understand what it is you're trying to do. If you're trying to restrict specific websites and/or content, you can set up Child Safe which has a timed application.

Or, for wireless devices, you could set up a guest network. You can specify dates/times that you wish the guest network to be available to.

Alternatively some firewalls (download one of your choice) will have the option for you to cease Internet access for a specified period of time).

Hope this helps 🙂

Forum Team

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