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Devices Time limits

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I need to control my kids time online.

i have looked through some previous questions etc and i have followed the procedure with DHCP rule with IP/Port filtering. but this all the listed devices to a single set time, but i'm wanting each device to go off & on at different times. ie. son phones off at 9pm - 7am, son ipad off at 10pm - 7am, daughters phone off at 10pm - 7am, daughters ipad off at 11pm - 7am cos shes much older.

I was with EE broadband and was able to set different times on different devices.

Does virgin have this feature?





Hub Wireless MAC Filtering aka Device Pausing is a minefield that quickly leaves critical devices stuck in limbo.

The level of granularity that you seek is not available in the Hubs.  You going to have to provide your own solution.

As a parent I can honestly say education is better than enforcement.

Especially when WiFi MAC Filtering takes but a blink to evade on current mobiles and computers.


education is fine and we have tried many times, the child does agree with us but we leave them to it and when they are lost in the game or watching youtube then they seem to forget everything else for hours.  as working parents we're not always home to control their times. it was great when we were with EE as they have the program/feature that allows me to disable each device at different times 

Until your child discovers MAC Address Randomisation is just 1 click away then poof their mobile is free again & again & again !