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Can't enable Web Safe

Tuning in

I am having the same problem that has been reported by others, I want to enable Child Safe in my Web Safe settings.  When I go to the Web Safe settings, the options are set to 'off', when I try to switch them on the site gives an error message saying the settings can't be saved.  I have tried this from a couple of different PCs and browsers. 

Can someone please PM me to help fix this?


Tuning in


Same for me, can you please help me to activate this.



Tuning in

Me too!

Please can someone PM me to enable Web Safe?


Hello stevejm22


Thanks for reaching out via the forums in regards to the Web Safe activation issues you're experiencing. We can understand the concern this can cause in regards to staying safe online.


There is help here in regards to Web Safe and how to activate it, have you followed these steps? If so, what happens or what error do you get when trying to activate it?


We are happy to look into this further and get this resolved for you.


Thanks very much for responding so quickly.  Unfortunately, the information you linked to is out of date.  Your website doesn't look anything like that anymore, so the steps can't be followed.  e.g. step 3 says "select My Apps tab"... there is no such tab anymore.

I have done the following though on your current website:

1: I clicked: main menu, help & support, broadband

2: I selected: apps & extras, web safe, manage web safe settings

3: I tried to switch on virus safe or child safe: it immediately switched off again and gives the error message: "Sorry the changes you made were not saved, please try again" (see image below). I have tried this on several PCs and browsers with the same result.  I tried months ago and it didn't work then, I gave up back then, but thought maybe it would work now.  Nothing has changed.

I see in the forums that a lot of people have this issue.  The problem is not with finding the settings, but they just don't work for me.

I do see that this has been resolved for these people by your colleagues though, so could you please help me activate these.

Thanks again






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Very Insightful Person

Issue has been flagged to the forum team as they are best placed to help further in this situation.

Whilst waiting for them to respond consider:

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Hi @stevejm22


Thanks for your post and so sorry to hear about your web safe issue. 


I am going to drop you a private message to collect some more information and investigate further, please keep an eye on your inbox.



Forum Team

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