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Catch Up on Stream with or without ads?

Not having the ability to record is a major difference between the V6 and Stream so I'm trying to work out the impact of that.

When you use Catch Up on Stream, does it pull the content from VM's system like on the V6 (with no ads or skippable ones) or from the ITV Hub, All5 and My5 apps with unskippable ads.

This would be a real deal breaker for me.

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Re: Catch Up on Stream with or without ads?

As you say, there is no record function on the Stream box (although there is a record button on the remote).

All content that can be rewatched later is down to whether it’s uploaded to the relevant app for each service. You can see what is available to watch later by using the TV guide as it will show a replay symbol next to the programme.

I have Sky Q in my living room for recording, which is mainly used by my wife. The Stream box is perfect as a secondary box along side Sky for me in my conservatory as I very rarely, if ever, record anything anyway.
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