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Whenever I try to stream a TV show or watch a match on my computer, within 20 minutes, it's startes buffering. I've tried restarting the hub, restarting my computer. It doesn't matter it still starts buffering and it's really annoying. The only reason I got virgin was to be able to stream the NRL online and I cannot even watch it.

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Re: Buffering

This forum is for the Stream set top box, and not for streaming issues.

You can check the strength of the internet signal by going into the settings on your VM set top box (if you have one)

Which hub do you have?

Are you connecting with an ethernet cable(recommended) or wirlessly?

Which band are you connected to? 2.4 or 5G. The 5G signal is faster however the 2.4 is stronger 

Do you have any other internet issues?



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