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Joining in

hello i purchased the essential entertainment packages around the 20th March for £8 and expected £8 to be added to my usual £15 a month , but then on my purchase history it said it was £12, now its come to the end of the month bill and its 18.80 for the essential entertainment package for a months use, any idea why? I've checked the bill breakdown and its definitely only 1 month of subscription 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @aaronroe66 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. Sorry for the bill confusion. This sounds like a pro-rata charge. So for example, say the bill produced on the 5th of the month and we advance bill, you then add the Essential Entertainment plan on the 7th, we would add a pro rata charge to the next bill for it as you've already been billed for the month ahead. I will send you a PM though so we can discuss specifics 🙂

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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