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VM stream box jumping

Joining in

Hi there,

I started my Virgin media home broadband set up today and started using the included stream box to watch Netflix. Despite getting roughly 350mbps download speed, and the box being connected via Ethernet, the playback was constantly glitching, very 20-30 seconds the audio would cut out for half a second or so, which was incredibly frustrating.

Does anyone have any idea why it might do that? For reference I watched Netflix over Wifi on my phone to see if it would do the same, but it was absolutely fine. 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Bensarge,


Sorry to hear of the issues with your services and Netflix, we can understand the frustration and appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums. Welcome to the community.


It's been a couple of days since your post, have you been able to speak to the team since posting? Are you still experiencing the issue? We have these tips available to help with broadband issues:


When running a speed test we would always recommend running this via a wired connection This can be completed using an ethernet cable via a PC or laptop and will allow us to see the speeds available at the Hub.


We do have the Connect App that will allow you to scan your property to optimise the wireless network and if needed order pod's. Depending on your package these may be free but any package is eligible for these if needed.