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Stream FAQs

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Forum Team


What is Stream?
Stream is our new TV product providing a subscription-based streaming service. It's a flexible offering, allowing you to choose and manage your subscriptions yourself and not be bound to a minimum contract term for TV services.

How much is Stream?
If you don't take out any paid for subscriptions then Stream is free. You'll just need to pay a one-off activation fee of £35.

How many Stream boxes can I have in my home?
At the moment we are only offering one Stream device per account.

I already have one of your TiVo/V6/360 boxes and would like a Stream too.
I'm afraid that our Stream device is not available to be taken alongside our existing core/pay TV service.

I don't have any TV services with Virgin yet. Can I take out Stream?
Sure. Provided you have a Broadband only package or Broadband & Landline package with us you can take out Stream too.

I currently have broadband services with another provider, but I would also like to have Stream.
Our Stream device only works when connected to one of our Hub 3, Hub 4, or Hub 5 devices running on Virgin Media broadband. You will need to take out broadband services with us along with your Stream order.

Do I need to sign up to any particular broadband package/speeds for the Stream device to work?
You will need to have M50 broadband or higher. It is also not available to those on Essential Broadband bundles.

Can I put my Hub into Modem Mode and then connect the Stream device to it?
The Stream will operate regardless of whether the Hub it's connected to is in Modem Mode or Router Mode.

Can I record content on my Stream device like you can on a TiVo, V6, or 360 box?
Due to the streaming subscription nature of the device, a recording function is not available on Stream.

How does the Stream connect to my TV?
The Stream connects to a TV via HDMI, so make sure you have a spare HDMI port available on your TV to be able to connect it.

Does Stream support Voice Control?

Does Stream offer Parental Controls?

Does Stream offer PPV (Pay-Per-View) content?
PPV is not currently supported on Stream, but we're always looking at new product features.

How do I manage my subscriptions on Stream?
You can manage your subscriptions whenever you wish via your My Virgin Media online account. Once you've signed in, head to My Package > Stream and then Manage My Stream.

What is Stream Credit?
Stream Credit is an awesome new perk when customers pay for their entertainment subscriptions through their Virgin Media bill.

Stream Credit offers customers a 10% saving on their subscriptions when they add them via their Virgin Media bill, giving them even better value on the entertainment they love and can't live without.

Note: Prime Video and BritBox cannot be added to the Virgin Media bill. Customers will need to subscribe directly with these providers to watch them on the Stream box.

The LED light on my Stream box has changed to a different colour. What does this mean?
Amber = Device is booting
Blue = Device is in standby
White = Device is powered on
Green = Device is connecting to network
Red = Device has lost connection
Pink = Initial set up mode
No light = No power

Stream isn't for me so I'm going to cancel it. Do you need the device returning to you?
Yes. As part of the cancellation process you'll be told when and how to return the device to us. Failure to return the Stream device to us would result in a non-return charge of £60.

I only want to cancel my Broadband service. Can I keep Stream?
Unfortunately, no. As you require a Virgin Media broadband connection and Hub in order to use the Stream service, if you cancel your broadband services then your Stream service will be cancelled too.

Zach - Forum Team
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