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My stream TV box keeps randomly rebooting whilst we are watching things, this can happen two to three times a night and is very frustrating.

I have tried changing the HDMI cable, using a different port, turning it on and off again at the plug etc and nothing seems to work.

Is anybody else experiencing this issue or able to provide a fix?

Thanks I’m advance. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Tom12346

Thanks for your post, welcome to the Community Forums!

I'm sorry to hear that your Stream box has been rebooting itself randomly. It sounds like you've checked everything you can on your end and we will need to possibly replace the box.

I've popped you over a private message so I can arrange this with you. 

If you're using a desktop version of the Community Forums, you'll be able to find my message at the white envelope in the top right. If on a mobile device, you can access your messages by clicking on your profile picture and going to 'messages'.