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Stream Add-on Packages Still Pending

Tuning in


I'm having an issue others on this part of the forum have reported in the past, I tried to add 3 add-on packages to my stream box on Saturday (14th), and was given an order number and later recieved the related confirmation via email, but after 24hrs all three add-on packages are still showing as pending (on both stream box subscription app and my virgin media website and the channels are not avaibled on the stream box (all free non-package channel's are fine).

Having contacted support via the chat system on the website on Sunday (15th), they were unable to resolve the issue and raised a I.T ticket after a wait time of over 90mins, can someone please update me on the status of this ticket (P012195239) as this process is taking a ridiculous amount of time to just have some channels added to my account and I will have to find find an alternative supplier if this cannot be resolved shortly.




Tuning in

As a follow up to this issue just for anyone that ever gets a similar issue, after many day VM were not able to determine the issue as their systems showed my stream box as not online from their end depsite me using it and it syncing my profiles with TV go etc, so the only way to clear the pending order was to remove stream entirely from my account.

So have cancelled stream box and will return it and move on from this flaky platform, as I have sky stream box arriving this weekend that will hopefully not present the same hassle found with the virgin stream box.

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hmmm. Good luck with Sky Stream. I have BOTH. Sky Stream was far worse than VM until very recently where finally firmware updates fixed the flakiness of changing channels and wifi connectivity, despite having speed tests on the speed test on stream via Netflix being fine and my router and box diagnostics reporting 100% signal and quality.

You may come across "SKY: Please wait for the channel to load" - although this is much less of an issue now since firmware updates done because of complaints BUT the stream box from Sky is far SLOWER than VM's. Its annoying in fact. VM is also easier layout in UI.

I am going to cancel Sky stream after Christmas and go back to VM Stream as its far cheaper and works for me. I agree though, some customers in some areas have issues adding subscriptions. I ALWAYS wait till the box says its added, and only subscribe through the box app itself. Not had problems there so far when I had subscriptions active. VM Stream really doesn't like people's own routers with DNS over TLS and using Adguard as the DNS provider. I think (like Sky) they do tracking and Adguard DNS blocks it causing CS2017 error messages.

Cheers for the info, I do use my own router (modem mode) but don't use any other DNS provider other than VM own, so not sure what the issue was exactly, but guessed it was something to do with not using the super hub as a router, but was not prepared to revert from my setup just for this device, and the box itself was fine other than the subscription issues.

Just got frustrated by an apparent lack of interest from VM's side to fix the issue and spent hours in support calls to get no resolution, I'm guessing this is still a niche product for VM hence the poor support that I experienced, but will see how the Sky product works and it also has the benefit of allowing multiple stream boxes per household which still seems a strange limitation of VM product.