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Remote volume issue

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My Virgin stream remote will no longer control the volume on the tv, but if I go into the settings to pair my tv up the mute, volume up, volume down and tv info all work perfect, select done and go back to live tv and it won’t work.

I have reset the stream box, re-paired the remote, changed the batteries, still won’t work.

any ideas please.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Corky123, 

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums, we're sorry to hear your Stream remote isn't controlling your TV's functions properly. 

I have a link here which may help 👉 How to pair Virgin remote with your TV

I also have a link here which has more information on Stream remote issues 👉 Remote Control Issues.

Could we also ask what TV you have please? 

Is it a Smart TV? 



Hi Megan, thanks for your reply, I did try re-pairing but no joy.

I then did a soft reset and a hard reset still no joy.

In settings I added my tv by name, I.e. Sony and even the model number option 55AF8 and in settings pairing section it all works, so operates the tv fine for mute, volume up down etc, just live tv does nothing.

it’s a Sony 55AF8.

it used to work fine, I temporarily hooked up a Sonos Arc and it was controlling that volume just fine, I then went back to my Denon AVR setup and when in standby mode the stream connects direct to the Sony.

for some strange reason the stream remote operates the volume on the Amp fine when switched on even though I don’t have this set up. So it’s like defaulting to my Amp even though it’s set for the tv only.

to eliminate my amp completely I also connected the stream direct to the tv and I have the same issue, works perfect in settings but not live tv.

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Just to add I just tried a remote reset and now the remote pair option is not visible under the Audi & Video section.

tried unplugging and turning back on still not visible, so it’s getting from bad to worse 😞

If its working fine in the stream box this is a good sign, however for live TV we wouldn't guarantee our remote would work with the live TV function and it would only work when our box is being used not when you are watching through the aerial if you are doing that. 

I have looked into this and I can see Sony do offer a feature to pair the remote as you've mentioned can I just check this is fully update the TV, all the apps are also you use? Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

The virgin stream remote has always worked perfect controlling my Sony tv volume ever since I’ve had the stream box, so from day one.

it’s only stopped working since temporarily trying a Sonos Arc.

so something is wrong with either the stream or the remote as I cannot get it working any more, regardless of resets etc.

plus why has the remote pair option vanished from the settings, prior to the remote reset it was always present and had options of Sony TV or Denon amp. It makes no sense that the remote can test the volume and mute to my tv fine, but not in live tv mode.

not sure what you mean by watching it through an aerial, it’s a virgin stream box so works via your broadband only, not an aerial ?

I need to resolve your virgin stream remote operating my Sony tv volume like it always has.


Can you try this for us please corky123? It should help reconnect the remote to your TV for volume etc


  1. Make sure your AV device and the TV box are switched on
  2. Select and hold down Clear and Volume Down at the same time until the light on top of the remote flashes green twice
  3. Enter the code to access the AV device code database – the LED will flash green twice
  4. Point the remote at your AV device and press channel up repeatedly until a code mutes the volume for the device – the LED will flash green each time a code is sent
  5. When the volume turns off, press Mute to turn the volume back on
  6. Press Volume Up / Down and Mute to check that the remote is working with your device. If it doesn’t work, continue to search using Channel Up until the next code turns off the volume, and repeat steps 5 and 6
  7. When the Volume and Mute keys work, press OK to store the code. The LED will then flash green twice

Let us know if this helps.



Dialled in

Hi Rob,

thanks for the reply, not sure what the clear button is on the stream remote.

are these not instructions to get it working with the amp though, as mentioned before it works perfect with the amp even though I have not set this up, it’s when the amp is in standby mode it doesn’t operate the tv volume any more.

There's this video from our help channel that may help also.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi corky123 

The "clear" button isn't on the Stream remote - it's only on the older V6 and Tivo boxes.

Sorry if the following sounds difficult, it sin't it's just my way of trying to describe what I think is happening and how to get your volume buttons working again.

If you have paired an amp with your Stream box and you just want to control the volume on your TV itself  you need to make a slight change in the Stream box audio settings :-   

Settings > Audio & Video > Volume Keys Control (just under pair remote with devices) and click on OK on the Stream remote -  this will switch the remote from operating the amp and send control back to the TV volume buttons. 

So in your case if the Denon amp had been paired and connnected  and you wanted to control the volume using your Denon amp you would leave that setting showing the name of your amp.

If you wanted to control the actual Sony TV volume instead, then clicking on the Streams OK button whilst that field was highlighted should switch the volume control back to from the Denom amp to the Sony TV ( you should see the device names change there) and the Stream  remote buttons would control  the Sony TV's sound

Each time you press OK on the 360 remote when Volume Keys Control is highlighted you switch inputs, so when the screen shows the device you want the Stream remote to control just click on the back button which is directly above the volume up button and it will use that setting.


It sounds like you may need to unpair and re-pair the Stream remote in order to get the audio set up and Volume keys control settings showing again

To unpair the remote:-

  On the remote control, press and hold the 'TV' button and the 'Rewind' button together for 10 seconds.  The remote control should now have unpaired from the box.

To pair the remote again :-

Put the box into 'Pairing Mode' by pressing the Standby/On button on the front of the box for 10 seconds.

On the remote control, press and hold the 'TV' button and the '0' button together for 10 seconds, and fingers crossed a message should appear on the screen confirming that pairing was successful.

You should then have the options showing for your amp as well





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