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How to "reset" Stream without losing all of my login details?

Joining in

I've had Stream for a week or 2. I like the idea behind the service, and it *mostly* works, but as ever with these boxes from the big companies the hardware feels slow and underpowered, and the software is unreliable.

I keep running into small issues like, for example, launching Netflix and I'm just met with a black screen. Pressing back does nothing, I don't have any options, and turning the box off/on doesn't resolve anything. Similarly things will just start streaming at like 480p out of the blue despite the box being 1 meter from my router and won't switch back to 4k.

On other devices, or on my TV, when I run into these kinds of issues I can do various things like killing the app, hard resetting the device, or even reinstalling the app entirely. Stream, clearly in a bid for simplicity, doesn't really let you do these things. The only option I seem to have is to use the "Reset" function within Settings - this does tend to fix any issues, but it also logs me out of every single streaming service on the box, which is a bit of a pain.

Any tips from longer-term Stream users on how to sort these kinds of issues would be much appreciated. At the moment, sadly I'm looking at just using my TV's built in apps for streaming which is disappointing as I loved the simplicity of having one interface and remote for everything.


On our wavelength

I know you mentioned turning the box on and off didn’t work, are you just powering it off using the remote or actually unplugging the box? I’ve found when my steam quality drops, if I unplug the box it will run much better once back on.