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Harmony hub and Virgin Stream box

Tuning in

Anyone know if you can connect harmony hub universal remote to the Virgin Stream Box? Have tried the Ziggo DVR but it doesn’t work. 


I'd also like to know if anyone progressed further on this please. Just got my Stream box and also keen to integrate it into my Harmony hub and link up with HomeAssistant.

Just updating my post, I found a good integration into Home Assisant, got it up and running so it shows as a mini media player on my dashboard and can fire off commands to change channels etc.

Shouldn't be too much trouble to build a few commands into it so it works with Alexa and also via Harmony using the fake Roku commands

Just updating this to say it works great!

Using Emulated Roku in Homeassistant to map all the buttons on the Harmony remote to fire off the commands on the Stream Box.


I have managed to add it by manually teaching the on/off command as this does have an IR element for your other equipment however no other command works. This does however allow you to (if you have your harmony paired with Alexa etc) to use voice commands to turn on all your devices including the Stream box however changing channels etc does not work.

It’s always best to be positive but we all have crappy days.

VM Hub5 on Gig1, Etc etc

My Broadband Ping - Virgin Media Gig1

I've just tried that, but when asked to point the remote at the hub so it can learn the command, no IR is emitted, given the Virgin Media remote doesn't have IR capability. Am I missing something?

Tuning in

Did this issue ever get resolved? The Virgin Media Stream box is recognised in Harmony as Arris VIP5002W. However, this does not work. Neither do  the Ziggo options mentioned above. We only use the Stream box for the Sky Sports and BT Sports live TV and hence are thinking of getting either Roku or Chromecast with Google TV instead. Most likely will go fo the Roku as it supports Plex and Britbox as channels (apps) whilst Chromecast doesn't unless you cast. These things should just all work together without all this nonsense. 😕

When trying to set up Ziggo Next Mini it fails with a message saying the Ziggo uses RF and the Harmony uses IR.

Is it not possible to use the Virgin Media Streamer with a Harmony Hub/Remote?

Hi. I'm new to HomeAssistant. How do you set it up. Need a step by step guide please.