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Harmony hub and Virgin Stream box

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Anyone know if you can connect harmony hub universal remote to the Virgin Stream Box? Have tried the Ziggo DVR but it doesn’t work. 


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Very Insightful Person
No, I don't think the Stream has the IR receiver in it that the 360 boxes do.

So it's the supplied remote or the TV Go app.
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Thanks for your answer. I think the harmony hub can work with not just IR but also Bluetooth and WiFi control of devices. This is how it works with Amazon firestick. If someone releases a remote profile for the Virgin Stream box it should work. Here’s hoping. 

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The Virgin Stream box looks like it is the Ziggo Next Mini - Does Harmony have the codes necessary for this box?

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It would be nice to be able to edit a message to correct typos! Ziggo and Stream, of course.

Just found I could do this and edited my original post, then tried to delete this message. I couldn't, lol.

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Very Insightful Person

Hi @scgf 

Each 360 remote pairs 1 to 1 with the box, it does not use infra-red (IR). This means you can only use one remote with a box and not multiple.

The following works on the 360 so might work on the Stream.- you can use some third party remotes such as the OneForAll URC7125 - use the SimpleSet setup process and choose Ziggo manufacturer

Also the Logitech Harmony remote.  You need to set them up as a "Ziggo Mediabox Next" 

You can also control the 360 by using the Virgin TV Go app, so you should be able to do the same with the stream box..

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The Ziggo Mediabox Next doesn't work - the correct box is the Ziggo Mediabox Next Mini but I don't know if Harmony supports that device.

It’s not supported unfortunately. In a way I’m not concerned, I would miss the voice control on the original remote which I find surprisingly useful. 

Hi @Mappyuk

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We would not be able to support any 3rd party devices/remotes for your home set up unfortunately. If you do find a resolution or a work around to your remote set up, please feel free to let the community know and hopefully this will help with other customer's having the same issue. 

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Did anyone manage to get any further with getting Stream to behave with Harmony Hub?  

I’ve tried various combinations of Ziggo devices but as yet not found one that works.  Bit of a show stopper for us for this one as don’t want to be juggling remotes, and the stream is just a secondary use.  The stream remote can’t match what the harmony does for us.