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Error TS2/1/2/ERR_400/302/400

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My post is similar to a few others here, which all seem to have been solved outside of the page (i.e. no clear instructions I can follow myself to resolve the problem). 


I took delivery of my Stream a few weeks back and have been trying ever since to get it set up with my subscriptions. I was able to get someone on the chat feature to try to add Sky Sports to my package, but it just seems that it's stuck in 'Pending: Adding Soon' and won't activate on my device. Even after countless resets of the Stream, it still won't show the Sky Sports channels and shows the error message in the title above (TS2/1/2/ERR_400/302/400). 

I have probably spoken to Virgin Media support at least 10 times now, with each and every time someone saying it'll be sorted with an IT ticket (that I'll hear back from within 3 days...) or that I'll receive a phone call within 2-4 hours. The solve never comes, neither do the email updates or the phone calls themselves! 

I've found this to be an incredibly painful experience and at this point am seriously considering just cancelling the service and looking for Sky Sports elsewhere, it's not really worth it for this amount of administrative pain. 


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Hi Alex,

I have this exact same problem. I’ve tried to talking to the support team about 10 times now with no success. Are you able to help me fix it please? 

Hey DoveC,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your TV services at the moment, I have looked into this on our system and can see that the issues has been raised with our IT support team and is still being investigated at the moment. Has anything changed from your side since you last posted? 

Kind Regards,


Hi Steven,

I haven’t heard anything since. I was told I would hear back in 3 days on the IT ticket, and I also was told after my last chat I would receive a phone call in a few hours from the 2nd line team. That call never came and that conversation was on Monday. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @DoveC 👋.

Thanks for reaching back out to us. Apologies in the delay in responding, are you still requiring an update in this matter? I shall send you a private message so that we can go through a few details and look into the matter.