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Can't add subscriptions

Joining in

Hi I've just got the stream box today. My box has been activated. I've tried adding subscriptions but I won't let me on my account or on the stream box. Seriously considering sending this back. 


Hi, new Stream box has unfortunately not arrived.  Speaking to customer services on the phone today it appears not to have been dispatched.  An engineer has now been scheduled to visit and investigate the issue with the Stream box.  I still think this may be an issue with the set-up of my stream account rather than a hardware issue.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi gconn, 

Thank you for getting in back in touch. 

I am sorry to hear you have not received the equipment. 

Can you please take a look at your online account and check if the order is showing under my orders? 




Hi Nat, I’ve just checked and no, the new stream box does not appear in my orders. 

Hi @gconn,

Thanks for checking.

Please do let us know how the engineer appointment goes so we can offer further support if needed.


Forum Team

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Hi, the engineer appointment was not successful.  The engineer confirmed that it is not a hardware issue but an issue with my account which has not been set-up correctly for stream.  I did highlight in advance that this did not appear to be a hardware issue and it would be a wasted visit for the engineer.

Hi, I received my Stream box at the start of October. This fault still exists. Can anyone at Virgin Media resolve this issue please? 

Hi gconn,

Very sorry for any inconvenience this is causing, I've had a look at things from our side- we're still aware of the issue and it's been flagged. A fault ticket has been raised.

I'm sorry for the delay in getting this fixed.


Thanks for the update. I phoned again yesterday and was informed that the issue is still with the FMS team, who will respond within 5 working days. I was also told the same message on 4 November and received no response.

Despite my best efforts, I have now concluded that Virgin Media are unable to fix the fault. If you want a box which enables you to add streaming services then do not go for the Stream box by Virgin Media. May be give Sky Stream a go and see if that is more successful?  It is disappointing that Virgin Media have launched a new box which fails to provide the streaming services which it advertises. Furthermore, both customer services and technical support are not sufficiently familiar with the box to be able to resolve issues.

Hi, I am pleased to post to say that the issue is finally resolved.  Looking back at my phone log it is very disappointing that this took over ten phone calls (16/10, 17/10, 18/10, 24/10, 25/10, 31/10, 3/11, 4/11,14/11, 15/11) to get this resolved, plus an unproductive engineer visit.  I suggest that Virgin Media look in to the activation process for the Stream to ensure that this doesn't happen to other customers.

Hi there @gconn


We are so glad to hear that this issue has been resolved but we are so sorry to hear this took a long time to resolve. 


We will pass this feed back on and thank you so much again for updating us all! 


We hope you enjoy your services going forward. 


Thank you.