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‘Adding’ Sky Sports

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What is the issue with these virgin stream boxes and the “adding” bug? This is the third time since I have had the box, that I have had the same issue of trying to add services via the app within the menu, when it simply says ‘adding’, I have phoned up VM and have been told that I have been charged for services that I haven’t been able to view since the 24th April. I only wanted sky sports for a month to watch the end of the football season. I have now had to get sky sports through Now Tv. However, I am yet again left with a box that simply says ‘adding’ on the upgrade app on the menu, that I can’t view, I can’t cancel, and I am being charged for. All I want to do is now ‘cancel’ so I am no longer charged, but this isn’t possible. I have phoned CS and they tell me, that there is nothing that they can do. Can I kindly ask that one of the VM staff PM me so that this can get sorted please, and that the service can be ‘cancelled’ and that I am refunded any money I have been charged on my bill. This is so frustrating and poor VM, I never add another tv service again, but the whole simplicity of how VM Stream should work, is blown out of the water my software issues and the pure incompetence of VM CS staff. 


Dialled in


Sorted for the time being - I think 

Thanks for the update @MarcosG260492.

Do feel free to come back to our Community Forums, if any further issues are experienced.

Kindest regards,