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A couple of questions for Stream

Tuning in

A bit of background, 

  • We barely use our TV package (its switched off at the plug unless the mother in law is over)
  • Tv package is Mixit on a Tivo box
  • Gig1 - Hub5 in Modem only mode 
  • And a pointless landline that isn't even connected 
  • Just checked & I am not in contract 😁

All content is already streamed, not watched live. 


So, looking at reducing the package a bit & noticed Stream is now available.

  1. Is there a comparison of channels available through the Stream vs the Mixit package?
  2. All pages reference needing a Virgin broadband connection & Virgin Hub. Is the Stream going to complain that the Hub is in Modem mode or will it work on any wifi network?
  3. If cancelling Tv i would probably also cancel the landline and just have the internet.




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @angelotambini 

It doesn't matter if you use router or modem mode for the internet,. however the Stream box only works with VM and won't work with any other ISP

You would need to give 30 days notice to cancel your current VM TV (and landline)  as the Stream box can't be used in conjunction with any other VM TV box.

It's also only one per household.

Although it's not an official VM site you can see a list of the Stream channels <<< here >>> 

You can also add extra channels to the Stream box (Essential Entertainment) which are also shown on that page -  you can tell what's available by the "colour codings" on that page in the encryptian column.

The Mixit channels are shown in column 4 <<< here >>> 

I don't work for Virgin Media.
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