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upload speed issues.

Dialled in

im on 1gb and normally hitting in the  900's and 50mb upload.

but the upload is erratic, can be 30mb or 20mb, and drop to 1mb.

that making talking to someone im possible due to drop outs in the conversation.

doing a status check shows no known issues in my postcode.

but when you do a test hub , it finds and issue. and says book a tech.

which ive done.... here are my details  from the hub. if anyone can see a issue with them ? maybe.

cheers all 





Alessandro Volta
You might need a new line or check clables T3 timeouts normlly means bad upstream from the hub

i am on a new cat6 patch lead  from the hub.

my boy is getting issues too upstairs and to rule out the cat5 cable under the floor.

we used a temp cable from hub to his pc upstairs to do a test and still same issues for him.

Hi T0rNaDo69


Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Community.

I am very sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing issues with your broadband service, we can help to get this resolved. 

I have ran a few checks from our side and our system has detected some errors that may need investigating by a technician. To arrange this, I am going to pop you over a private message to confirm some details. This message will be available via the envelope on the top of the screen. 

Speak soon,



Hi T0rNaD069,

Thank you for joining me on private chat.

I am very happy that we have been able to assist in getting this matter resolved. 

If you require any help or have any questions in the future, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Thank you,