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speed issues

I had cause to contact your broadband support 3 times yesterday (Monday 24th Dec) and I have to admit I was not impressed with the help I was given during those calls.

Call 1: I called in after having problems with my internet connection, I noticed that my speed was slower than normal and my wifi was dropping in and out, after running through several checks including restarting my computer in safe mode with networking and doing a speed test (getting exactly the same results as before) I was told that "something must be running in the background on my computer that's affecting your speed" and passed to your paid for support department, I knew there was nothing on my computer affecting the speed but was simply told that "if nothing is found you won't be charged and you will be passed back to us"
After being transferred I was simply told to move my ethernet cable from port 1 to port 4 on my hub and restart both my PC and the hub then call back in 10 minutes or so, this I decided not to do as it wasn't going to help.

Call 2: roughly an hour or so after the first call I called again and after a few very simple checks I was told that my internet speed was slower than it should be but "keep using the internet, watching youtube etc and my speed will gradually increase". Can I do this from now on and get free speed increases just by watching youtube videos?

Call 3: After the usual checks I was finally told that an engineer needed to be booked. When asked why an engineer wasn't booked during the first few calls I was simply told that their may have been other issues that showed up at those points and it would be "noted as feedback".

Since calling, my internet connection has simply gotten worse overnight and is almost unusable now, after looking at the hub's status I have noticed that the pre and post RS errors for downstream have went through the roof and every time I get a connection dropout the downstream power goes from plus to minus, I will attempt to paste some screenshots below.


2018-12-25 05_37_57-Hub 3.0.jpg2018-12-25 05_38_11-Hub 3.0.jpg2018-12-25 05_38_26-Hub 3.0.jpg2018-12-25 05_38_45-Hub 3.0.jpg2018-12-25 05_39_01-Hub 3.0.jpg2018-12-25 05_39_54-Hub 3.0.jpg2018-12-25 05_40_05-Hub 3.0.jpg2018-12-25 05_40_16-Hub 3.0.jpg2018-12-25 05_40_31-Hub 3.0.jpg2018-12-25 05_40_47-Hub 3.0.jpg2018-12-25 05_41_04-Hub 3.0.jpg




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Re: speed issues

Unfortunately it will take a while for a forum team member to come along and make your images viewable and to help you. In the meantime make sure that the coaxial cable is finger tight at both ends, power off your hub again and reboot after several minutes. And use an Ethernet cable to your devices if possible.


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Re: speed issues

Hi SatansMinion,

Thanks for getting in touch. I am sorry to see you have had trouble with your connection. 


I have taken a look and things seem to be ok from this side. If you are still having trouble it may help to try the following so we can rule some things out:

Pop the hub into Modem Mode with the computer in Safe Mode with Networking at different times of the day.

Try on separate devices.

Check Ethernet cable. Make sure it is new / up to date. (Cat 5e or above).

Make sure device is capable of agreed speed.

Check wireless card slide.

Take care.


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