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slow broadband speed

I have been getting slow download speeds for the last few days, around 80-90Mbps instead of my usual 200+Mbps, I have run the online test which came back as ok, rebooted Router, checked all cables, speed stays the same, this is from a desktop and a laptop connected by ethernet cable 

speed test.jpg

Below are the router configs., there is a lot of info so hopefully someone can help.Router 1.jpgRouter 2.jpgRouter 3.jpgRouter 4.jpgRouter 5.jpgRouter 6.jpgRouter 7.jpgRouter 8.jpgRouter 9.jpgRouter 10.jpgRouter 11.jpgRouter 12.jpgRouter 13.jpgRouter 14.jpgRouter 14.jpg



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Re: slow broadband speed

Hello jifcom, 

Thanks for posting 🙂

Sorry for the connection problems, everything looks normal from our end at the moment. Can you confirm if you're testing your wireless or hard-wired connection? Ideally we need to see results of a hard-wired speed test to ensure the correct speeds are entering your property. 

Hope to hear back from you soon, 

Take care. 


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