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slow and unstable broadband

Having suffered an unstable and slow broadband service an engineer came on 14th January and changed the router for a newer version and renewed some cable connections. He left saying that everything was correct and the service was working correctly. However after he left the broadband ethernet connection speeds were worse and erratic. Another engineer came on 16th and altered a few settings agreed there was a serious bandwidth problem but thought it could all be down to network problems as he could find nothing wrong with the equipment on our side. He said he was not at work on Sunday but would I be available next week on Monday to assist if needed. He would follow things up with the network people and would call me on Tuesday to update me. Unfortunately I have heard nothing back from him or any one else. I have tried to contact someone via various avenues including the call centre who were unable to find any notes about the problem. although the website reported no network problems the call centre said there was a general problem in the area and could give no further help. We a re trustees of a charity and have a very important financial meeting this afternoon and Zoom and Skype keep freezing and crashing. monitoring my broadband speed over the last few days sows the speed is fluctuating erratically and my 500 Mbs service has often got download speed of less than 200Mbs.

Can someone please help me to get some response from Virgin Media and help to rectify this critical problem? 

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