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just poor service

Tuning in

internet has been down for the past four months , yes i said that correctly four freaking months !  , every time i go  and contact virgin media to resolve this situation they just explain works are being carried out in my area and that is all the information  they can share with me . i have been given dead lines to when it should  have been resolved but these dates came and passed three times , i was then given another months wait as works where still in operation . This is a complete lie ladies and gents  as no work has been done here in my tiny little village , if so i would have noticed the works being carried out  100% and second i really do not see virgin media taking four months to run some checks or replace old wires  but that is not my case as all my wires are perfect and in working order, i really don't appreciate being lied to , neither do appreciate being robbed £40  each month for a simple virgin media  bill letter to be posted  as that is all  i get from virgin media services.


Alessandro Volta

I think you will need the VM forum team to investigate for you and, hopefully, bring some clarity to what is going on with your connection.

If you have had no broadband (a total loss of service, as opposed to slow or intermittent connectivity) for four months, that potentially stacks up to a sizeable amount of compensation due

and current rates below

Indeed, a complete service outage for four months, you’re currently looking at about £1000 in compensation they will owe you, so yes just keep on paying the £40 a month and let it run on frankly.

Now realistically, you’ll have a slight battle getting the money out of them, but luckily for you, there are some of us on here who know exactly how the system works and the proper procedures to follow and hoops to jump through to, well, fight bureaucracy with more bureaucracy!

So if you haven’t already, make a record of every interaction you’ve had with VM, when did your connection first go off, has it been completely off for all this time, when did you contact VM, what was said or promised, what actually happened etc? When, as is likely, this ends up on the desk of the industry adjudicator then all these facts, dates and times will be invaluable evidence for your submission.

Tuning in

I don't want compensation,  just an apology and an explanation would be more than enough, yet we will see . Thanks for the advice 🙏 

Hi @damian925,

Welcome back to our community forums and sorry to hear you have been having ongoing service issues for 4 months. We can understand this is not ideal at all and we want to best help. Just to clarify, has your service been completely down for 4 months? Are all services with us affected similarly? When last were you in contact with our team and what was idscussed? 


Forum Team

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AKUA_A , yes all of it has been down since September, I had a new connection/ contract in August and fair play  my Internet was amazing for the first week 😀. After that point   my Internet just decided to turn itself off and since then virgin media have just asked me to wait as they are carrying out works in my area . I spoke to an advisor on the phone regularly with my recent call to virgin media just only a week or so ago . In September they told me I would have to wait until 26th of October as that's the dead line given to the workers , that date came and passed while I still had no Internet,  I called again and was asked to wait another month as the dead line is now November and so on , Its just ridiculous and beyond poor service if you ask me .

Alessandro Volta

Do you have neighbours on Virginmedia that have the same problem? 

Yes my neighbours are on virgin media , I asked my entire street if anyone was experiencing any issues 😅  Nobody here has ,  it seems to be just  me in this street.

At that point I thought maybe i had problems with my set up,  box etc But again I have calls recorded and all the advisors explained it was works being carried out and it wasn't a fault in my box etc . 

My services are now up and running,  I haven't changed wires,  box , I haven't touched anything here . So virgin media i would like an explanation please 🤬 scammers 

Hi damian925

Thanks for coming back to us. I have done a system check and can see it's not a total loss of service but you do need a technician visit as there are too many disconnections in such a short term. I shall send you a PM now.


Forum Team

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