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i want a Superhub 5

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i want a superhub 5 i get 563.25 Mbps from etherport 4 and only 87 Mbps from the 3 other ethernet ports

but the worst thing is that upload speed test and i only get UPLOAD speed 0.35 Mbps ethernet port 4

and it lags during the speed test i have fresh installed PC so theres no junk on my computer

and yes i do have 2.5gb ethernet port on my computer

i only have a super hub 4 and i never turn it off only reset it when i have speed issues

so i'm not sure if my super hub 4 is broken hopefully virgin media can do a test on my upload speed because that upload speed is a joke BH17 9BG Area


Alessandro Volta

If you was getting 940Mb I would say you could use a hub 5 so you might have an area problem for speed 


Tuning in

This might sound like a silly reply but worthwhile saying anyway - try with different ethernet cables. Even though it might show a gigabit link is up, the cable could be a culprit on some rare occasions. Yes, a Hub 5 would be an upgrade anyway and my understanding is you can get one for free by requesting one so worth getting as well.


"87 Mbps from the 3 other ethernet ports" -   Are these three ports operating at 100Mb/s ?

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Looks like there are issues in your postcode affecting your services

There’s a broadband issue in your area and our technicians are on the case to fix things. Check back here at any time for updates. so it`s a area problem i would like to request a free hub 5 via the forum as i already try to call virgin and i was unable for me to talk to a real person

Dialled in

Hi there rfonline.

Sorry to hear about the problems you are having.

This might not be what you want to hear, but here is my understanding about getting a Hub 5, as of 10/12/2023:

  • Hub 5's are thin on the ground, and supplies are diminishing every week.
  • Hub 5's, usually, are only available to Gig1 customers.
  • You might be able to get delivery (under the sending of a "self-install" package) of a Hub 5 arranged via retentions, if you state that you are leaving unless you get a Hub 5.  Even then, there are no guaruntees, and you might need to pay a one-off fee to get a Hub 5.  (This has been my own experience.  In my own case, to get a Hub 5, I had to: (A) state I was considering leaving due to poor Hub performance, (B) agree to upgrade my broadband package, and (C) agree pay a one-off fee of £40.00.)

I am sorry if that is not what you want to hear.

In any case, best of fortune to you in getting your issues sorted.


On our wavelength

i'm still wanting for virgin media to fix the upload speed in the BH17 9BG area if not i will considering leaving

web sites load slow and i am on 1gig there is almost no upload speed during the speed test and i have also run a speed test using virgin media connect app no upload speed


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I am BH17 9, exactly the same problem but the other side fo teh heath near teh grammar school. Must be a local area issue as i am far enough away.

On our wavelength
The below is your issue  Similar topic titled Dreadfully slow upload BH17 9 in the Speed forum, not allowed to link it.
I have not posted a topic but I am BH17 9, there a wide spread local issue that needs sorting but don't hold your breath, been like it since Thursday 7/12
Dreadfully slow upload speed in BH17 area

For several days our broadband has been virtually unusable. We have M250 and our downlink speed remains at around 250Mbps. However uplink speed reported by Ookla Speedtest is never more than 1Mbps and is frequently as low os 0.2Mbps. As a result any webpage that involves interaction (online shopping, OneDrive file sync, even posting this message) is almost impossible to use. We have resorted to HotSpotting our laptop of one of our mobile phones to do somethings. Rebootring the modem makes no difference.
I have been given a fault ref of F011109320 but no clear indication of what the problem is, where it lies or when it will be fixed. First date was last Friday, now it will be Monday. When I spoke to VM I was told there have been lots of reports of the problem.
Looking at my router I see that all uplink channels are running on QAM16 instead of QAM64 which is presumably a consequence of the problem. Does any one have any information about this problem or when it might be fixed?


Call automated number 0800 561 0061 for updates on faults affecting your street.