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On our wavelength

hi can someone tell if i can get the new hub 5 please? because i got upgraded to 1gig the other day   

thanks exoticcshot


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Exoticcshot 

The hub 5 isn't yet on general release as it's on  a phased rollout and still being tested.

It's not completely compatable with the Gig 1 service. Info below from


FAQ How can I get a Hub 5? / I’m on Gig1 Fibre and need the Hub 5 to maximise my service

We’re rolling the Hub 5 out in phases, and we’re emailing specific groups of customers over time to invite them to order ahead of a wider launch in 2022. Only customers who receive the email invite will be able to order for the time being.

Why is the rollout being phased?

We’re ironing out some kinks around customers who have Gig1, Intelligent WiFi Pods, and home phone via hub. Once we've addressed these issues we'll start to include these customers in the rollout. You'll receive an email with an invite to order when this is ready.

Update 24th Feb 22: we've started to send email invites to a small number of customers who have home phone via hub ahead of offering this more widely to this cohort of customers. We'll share an update when we have some more news.

Why can't I get Intelligent WiFi Plus with the Hub 5?

We're working on making the Hub 5 compatible with our Intelligent WiFi Pods and this will be available soon but in the meantime you'll be able to grab a PowerLine Booster if you need to extend your WiFi in your home.

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On our wavelength

Hi I think virgin need to look back on the website because it said that I got the hub 5 and we just renew aswel and I don't see a hub 5 yet and plus one of you're people on phone said I am ordering a hub5 for you aswel so if I don't get one soon  virgin media your breaking the contract when it said on your website so I hope to see a hub5 very soon and if anyone else say I cnt then u don't know so up to virgin now to sort this out for there customer who as been with them for 15years plus n I want a virgin media replying no1 else 

Hey Exoticcshot, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry you haven't got your kit yet.

When you renewed was you told that you would be getting a new Hub5?

As is stands we only sending hub5 to new customers or upgrading to 1GB.

However if you do have a Hub4 already this Hub is more than capable of getting 1GB speeds and has the correct ports to get this speed.

Please do let me know. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Yes I was told on the phone that he was ordering hub 5 and my brother just got is so y didn't I get mine? and I am still waiting for it now and yes was upgraded to 1GB and the hub4 is not good so I need the hub5 sending to me now because that was the contract and it said on your website aswel so I hope to see a hub5 very soon then? Because if I don't ur breaking the contract rules to your customer by telling them and on website thts just wrong 

Thanks exoticcshot

And plus my snr are so low aswel so that need fixing aswel thanks 


Hi @Exoticcshot

Can you advise where on the website you have seen that you would get a Hub 5? 

I have checked the system and area at our side and cannot see any issues or concerns with any interference in the area. Can you advise what issues you are experiencing with your broadband service to advise that the Hub 4 is not good in your post? Is it just WiFi you are concerned with or do you have issues over wired devices also?

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

I am not going round in Circles it said it on ur website and plus the person on phone said they was ordering hub5 for me so I am still waiting for one to come so send one now for me because you guys can do it with no problems at all and yes my snr r low so you should see that aswel if u checked it right so I should see a hub5 very soon then? Because ur breaking your Contract with me so instead going backwards and forwards with this just do what's right for once virgin when your  Customer Paying for your Internet and I should b on hub5 now like virgin said on phone and website so I want a pm now so you can send me hub5 


Hi Exoticcshot,

Hub 5 are still invite only so we're not able to order one for you. Do keep an eye on your emails however as you may get an email offering you the chance to upgrade to one.


Forum Team

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Well this is odd as I spoke to customer service via live chat who sent me a link to order a Hub 5. Completed the info required and even chose a delivery date.

So are you saying that I’m not going to receive the Hub? Not impressed if this is the case as I’m paying for the ultimate Volt package.

Bit of a joke that new customers as always get better pricing and the new hub yet existing loyal customers get nothing