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hub 5 very slow

Tuning in

I got my new hub 5 yesterday, installed it OK everything seemed to work except when I ran samknows with a wired connection to my pc I got download of 189Mbps, upload 106Mbps. Rebooted hub several times but no improvement.





Tuning in


Tuning in

So it appears the problem is on my side. I inserted a wireless card and disabled the network adapter but no difference. The cat 5 cable is undamaged, I'm stumped, dont know where to go from here.

Tuning in

After reading up on network cable, I discovered that the cable I'm using is probably not up to the job. I've ordered 20 metres cat 7 as it's quite a long run from router to pc.

If it is cat 5, not cat 5e, then you are correct, it's not suitable.

Up to speed

with any luck the new cable sorts it out, just be careful if you buy it from places like Amazon, make sure its pure copper and doesn't have the words "CCA", it's basically copper-coated aluminium which can cause you other issues, I have been looking for more cat6(or higher) cable recently and Screwfix still does the best cheap cat6 cable, it's what I've used for my entire house, and I have 10gb to 1 location, 2.5 GB to rest of locations.

Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig2 (XGSPON)

Tuning in

Can anyone confirm if this is cat 5 or cat 5eDSCN9099.JPG

No markings on the cable, according to Wikipedia, each of the four pairs in a Cat 5 cable has differing pitch to minimize crosstalk between the pairs. They do appear to all be different twists, which leads me to think it's cat5.

Hi @alien_12 👋 Thank you for your post 😀

We're sorry to hear about the slow speeds you've been experiencing 😔

How have things been with the new cable in place? General advice on how to fix slow internet speeds can be found here.

Please pop back to us whenever you're ready.