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hub 5 very slow

Tuning in

I got my new hub 5 yesterday, installed it OK everything seemed to work except when I ran samknows with a wired connection to my pc I got download of 189Mbps, upload 106Mbps. Rebooted hub several times but no improvement.





What are the SamKnows up/down speed at the Hub ?

Is the PC directly connected to the Hub via a network cable ( i.e. not using a Powerline extender and not cabled to a WiFi Pod / WiFi Extender ) ?

Tuning in

If I go into hub 5 settings / connected devices I see that my pc is connected to ethernet 4 at 1000 Mbps. So, can someone explain why samknows tells me different?

Connected directly by cable, no extenders etc. Curiously, my phone has download speed of 600 Mbps. I got better speeds to my pc from my old hub3 

Alessandro Volta

Did you do a speed test before changing to the hub 5?


Yes, I was getting 500Kbps

Tuning in

Just to add, I had a 3db attenuator fitted years ago. I tried removing it and found little difference.


The Hub is showing the network connection speed, the Realspeed test is showing the speed that your PC is drawing data from the Hub.
Boot your PC into Safe Mode + Networking and re-run the Samknows Speed test - often there is a huge leap in performance pointing to the installed software or antivirus on the PC as the limiting factor.

Tuning in

Thank you for the suggestion but I'm still getting the same result.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @alien_12 

Try the other samknows speed tester which shows the actual  speed to your hub and the actual speed to your device. 

I also use the speedtest (ookla ) app on windows 11 which doesn't use a browser and gives a truer figure.

Screenshot from mine below


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