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how long till speed is stable?

Hi. Got virgin fitted today and meant to be 500 fibre. Only currently getting 80-150mbps and it's 10 or so hours after install. 

Is this normall or should the speed be closed to 500 by now?


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Re: how long till speed is stable?

The system runs at the proper rated speed as soon as it is activated - did the installer not check the speed and status of the router before leaving? What are you using to measure the speed, connected via WiFi or via a cable? There are too many additional factors involved to make WiFi a reliable indicator of network connectivity speed, you need to first test with a PC/laptop which has a gigabit capable network interface and a known working cat-5e or better ethernet cable.

If the speed with a wired setup is correct then you have a wifi issue, if it's still slow then it'll be a connectivity issue upstream.