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diabolical download speed, useless upload speed

after a 20 min wait i was connected i had already pin reset four times done everything i could before calling. .At 19.58pm tonight i had a ping of 19 / download of 4.21 and upload of 0.12 . i normally get 211 download and 20 upload After 4 pin resets i was getting 12 ping , 31.30 download and 2.02 upload. now all that would be fine if i was on the lowest of the low package but i am on the 200mbps package and this is killing me . this is hardwired in speeds.

After a 20 min call in which a signal was sent to my router that restarted it and gave me a ping of 9 download of 17.43 and an upload of 0.28 i was left with 'theres something in the area the broadband is running out of calibration' and can i sign you up for a new contract ? 'we can send you a wireless booster?' great but i am using the broadband hardwired ! ah we cant deal with that thats tech support they are closed ..................ahhhhh! help my speed is rubbish

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Re: diabolical download speed, useless upload speed


Have you managed to resolve this yet? If not I might be able to help - but may require account and area reference details If you still have an issue send me a private message.

I will need to test your services remotely.

To PM me, just hover over my profile picture and click Send Message when the option comes up. Please don't post any personal info in this thread as it's public.

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