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broadband speed


please can someone help 

i am fed up with resting my router to gain the speed that we are paying for 


it seems once this has been done it will last for a few weeks then you have to reset/boot the router 

we pay for 200mb and quite often it goes back down to 16mb sometimes higher 67mb.

but like i say we are paying for the 200mb package and not even get it, i understand like i have said in previous mails that it can drop during peak times but not by 150mb surly to god

even more annoying every time you log on to virgin it tells you your boost is complete!! Where???

is there something i am missing here ? 

last time i was told the service to the estate wasn't big enough and it would take up tp 1 1/2 years to  sort, it like once you have our money nothing gets sorted or here's a thought  an automatic refund for the poor service if it drop below a certain % of what you should be getting sorry for the rant bu this is getting annoying now even more so when everything in the world demand a good connection speed 

regards Pete

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Re: broadband speed

are you testing wired or wireless always test wired

post some levels 

log into hub3 - [or if in modem mode] - DON'T SIGN IN, click - click router status [centre of screen] - and post the downstream and upstream figures - to see those press on the grey buttons/boxes labeled - upstream - downstream

if its an earlier hub button is top right


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