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broadband speed drop

ok decided to go for the 350Mbs speed due to a large family using the net for streaming and gaming.  Was all fine for a few weeks. then one night the internet went down, 3 hours later it returned  but now i was bearly pulling 100Mbs, so decided to give it a day or two to settle, but sadly no change. have had an tech out who poked around a bit then said it was my network card, as my wife pc was pulling 300+ , ok i thought so be it, but after he left i ran speedtest on all the pc's at home and non were pulling more than 200 and yes even mine  so im at a lost what do i do now ?? im going to write down morning and evening speedtest and thats about all i can do, it seems far to coincidental that i lose speed when the line went down any idea??


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Re: broadband speed drop

Sorry to hear this ncolling04,


I've checked things from this end for you and everything appears to be within range.


How have things been since posting?



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