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Wishy washy speeds with AX11000 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Gaming Router

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I'm on 1GB with VM with a hub 5. All the cables are tight (none are bent or twisted either) and i am using cat 8 ethernet cables too. But when i do a speed test via the VM site and SamKnows my speed is about 400/500mbps. If i use Ookla on a server with a ping of 12 it says the same. If i swap the server to one closest to my city the ping is 31 but the speed is better? (over 920 mbps sometimes) Am i missing something? I've changed the bandwidth on the router to 1000mbps on the download and 110 mbps on the upload. This is also probably just a router problem but it does take far longer for the ethernet connection to kick in on my PC and my PS5, yet i can't see any way to fix that on the router dashboard. Thanks.


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Very Insightful Person

How are you testing?  Have you disabled QoS. if not do so. 

Speedtests need a direct wired connection from your PC.  If using Windows, run the speedtest in "Safe Mode with Networking Support"

Cat 8 cables are a waste of money and the shielding can cause issues.  Just use a good quality Cat 5e or Cat 6.

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it does take far longer for the ethernet connection to kick in on my PC and my PS5

Is there network loop causing a packet flood on your network ?

One would expect a DHCP client to connect in couple of seconds or less, especially as the PC or PS5 is likely to be the only device making a DHCP request at that time.

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Forum Team (Retired)

Hi wezza2,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with speed, just so we can clarify are there issues also when the Hub is in router mode?

Also are they the only devices affected?