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Wifi speed

I'm  a new customer,  signed up to m200 

Since we've had it my children's phones for the first time ever have used up all 25gb of data because the WiFi is so poor its not connecting or disconnecting.

A speed test wasn't even hitting 20 on my daughters phone, barely much difference on my sons and his pc won't get over 80 something and he has his on WiFi booster. I even bought a 5g dongle to help his pc, that didn't even work.

My phone disconnects also all the time but is the only phone to get a decent speed.

This has happened from day dot which virgin promise a termination free etc if it doesn't even reach half the speed on 3 consecutive days, which it didn't 

Any help would be appreciated or I'm going to be paying some big mobile data bills aswell as getting rubbish speeds

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Re: Wifi speed

can you test the speeds on a wired connection