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Wifi speed around house


I have recently installed virgin media M500 Fibre Broadband,

The broadband speed on my computer is usually around 300 Mbps and the wifi in the room with the hub about 150 Mbps.However in my living room the wifi speed never gets over 50 Mbps and in the evenings can go down to 10 or less.

I have look at options to improve wifi speed and an extender does not seem to help. I cannot use powerline adaptors as the rooms are on different electrical circuits.

Would it help if I installed a mesh system ?

If so, is it easy to install and what would be the best system to integrate with virgin media Hub 3 ?

Thank you


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Wifi speed around house

Yes to a mesh system, yes it’s easy to install and yes it will “integrate” with the Hub3 easily.

BT Whole Home is one of the best and well reviewed systems. 

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