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Wifi extremely unreliable and download speed fluctuates massively

Hi All, really hoping someone can please help me.

I've been on the 350mb package for a couple of months now and have never got anywhere close to the quoted speeds on wifi. The highest i've ever seen was around 160. I've been trying to cope with it and have tried many things to resolve it but am at my wits' end now.

On a wired connection i can get around TV/370 but wireless is a completely different story. On average it sits around 60 but then 2 mins later it'll go to 160 and another 2 mins later it'll be at 2! (not exaggerating).

It is so intermittent that several times a day regardless of the hour it'll just cut out entirely and every device in the house will stop working.

During the evening when more people are online it's near impossible to use anything, netflix will just stop playing entirely and youtube will only play 360p maximum. The lag on call of duty multiplayer on ps4 is insane, makes it literally unplayable.

With the hub in modem mode and connected to a new TP Link router (Archer C50 Ac1200) the behaviour is exactly the same so I don't know if the issue is with the hub itself or settings on VM's end.

Troubleshooting wise I've also tried manually adjusting the channels to unoccupied ones, adjust the channel width, switching between 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ, resetting the router multiple times, changing the power sockets and ethernet cable, relocating the router and checking the coax connections are tight. I've also made sure to test the connection at non peak hours but the result is still the same.

Also tried a powerline adaptor on laptop and ps4 but only managed 60mbps.

A wifi analytics program tested on both my phone and laptop shows 100% signal strength when literally on top of the router however even then the download speed never gets near to 350. The TV and the PS4 upstairs show 90% or above signal strength but only get around 20 down. The VM app shows ZERO blackspots in the house.

Running the network diagnostics tool on the hub 3 throws an error stating every device in my house has low signal. The hub is in the same location as my old BT router and all the wifi enabled devices are in the same place. With BT Infinity it was consistently around 75 down, no dropping out.

A friend of mine lives only 3 miles away and has the same package but consistently gets 200+ on wifi on every device in the house.

I really don't know what to do anymore, does anyone have some advice please? Is it worth trying to get a replacment hub?


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Re: Wifi extremely unreliable and download speed fluctuates massively

WiFi speeds aren’t guaranteed and will vary house to house.

If you’re running in modem mode with your own (better) router then this could be a whole other issue. 

When the WiFi speeds are slow are wired speeds still top end?

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