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Joining in

Good morning. Recently switched to virgin and have a Black spot in 2 bedrooms upstairs. Iv used the scan tool on the connect app which is saying very poor but it’s taking me round in circles and not giving me an option to order booster pods. What am I doing wrong?? 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Cfairminer 

See the following page for details, including  how to order online via My Virgin Media or through the Connect app 

You can also call the direct number 0800 064 3850 to order a pod (they will only send out one at a time, and there must be an interval of at least one week before a second order will be accepted)

They are free if you are on the Gig1 package, or Ultimate Oomph, or on a Volt bundle, however if you are on any other package then they £8  a month.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Cfairminer


Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the community forums. 


I'm so sorry to hear that you have faced this issue with black spots in your home! 


Have you been able to follow the instructions sent by our community member @newapollo?



No I have not. It’s just taking me to the same thing. I need to call when I’m not at work 

Hi Cfairminer,

Thanks for coming back to us in regards to the trouble you've had with ordering a WIFI pod via the Connect App. 

We can order one for you on our side when issues like this occur, I'll send you a PM about this now. 



Hi Cfairminer,

Thanks for chatting with me in our PM, I am sorry that I couldn't order a WIFI pod for you just yet, we would need to run through some checks first to see whether you meet the criteria. 

From looking at your services on my side I found the following - 

I’ve detected high levels of wireless interference within your home which is affecting wireless performance.

Wireless interference can be caused by the signals coming from other routers or any electrical devices in close proximity. This interference can affect the speed & stability of the wireless signal.

Below is a few bullet points that can help mitigate the affects of wireless interference -

  • There are potential changes to the home environment which can improve wireless performance
  • Using the wireless default settings & not splitting SSIDs (Einstein will automatically check for this)
  • Making sure the correct wireless channel/band is in use
  • Using a cabled connection where possible

The Hub's location could be causing the interference problem – check that it is:

  • Out in the open
  • Next to the TV not behind it
  • Away from large bodies of water (e.g. fish tanks)
  • Away from baby monitors and cordless phones
  • Away from microwaves

Think of the Hub as a radio, and WiFi as the sound - the further away you are from the radio, or the more obstacles that are in the way (walls, electronic devices etc.), the quieter the radio & the poorer the WiFi. Wherever possible it is always advised to plug in your devices with an ethernet cable such as these -

  • Desktop PCs, laptops and games consoles would benefit from an ethernet cable connection where possible.
  • For devices that are used some distance away from the Hub, powerline adaptors may help resolve the wireless issues to these devices.

Please try to utilise all of this advice in order to resolve your connection problem and do regular speed tests to monitor your connection.



The room we are having problems with has nothing else electrical in the room! And is also at the end of a corridor so isn’t even beside any other room!!!

Thank you @Cfairminer


Are you able to confirm the other details for us, such as is the Hub in an open area? 


Are you also able to perform a speed test in the room facing the issues for us? 


Thank you.