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WiFi only works in one room?

Joining in

I have only been with virgin for only a few days and since then my WiFi seems to have dropped out of every room but where the router is!

I have got 200M and in my living room I have easily got 200 meg of speed which is brilliant. If I take less than 10 paces to go to my kitchen it drops to 45 (which is below the promised 107mb speed promise) and if I go to my bedroom it drops further to 12! I only live in a small new build with thing rooms so this baffles me…

it has been suggested that the only way to improve this is to pay for a speed booster but I’m sure there must be a mistake suggesting that. It would be absurd that a WiFi router is only about to function in 1 room of the house…

can someone please help?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The speed promise is the speed going to your router not the WiFi around the house. There is no WiFi guarantee speed

It's common for wifi to drop speed the further away from the router you go, perhaps the insulation in your thin walls is blocking the WiFi signal, I know Kingspan is really bad for this which seems to be commonly used now

Alessandro Volta

@jb66 wrote:

The speed promise is the speed going to your router not...

What is the router *hub* to do with all that speed should it not be by wired device?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

All new builds now have to be "super" insulated.  One of the easiest to work with is as @jb66 intimated, Kingspan.  This is a foil covered solid foam insulation and it is brilliant at blocking wifi signals in a home.

Get a wifi analyse for your phone and do a wifi survey.  This should clearly show the loss of wifi as you move around. 

As stated earlier, VM do not guarantee wifi speeds, and this is one of the reasons why they don't and also why they rent Pods.

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