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WiFi Speed Dropped Recently


I have a 500mb/s VM package and up until recently have been more than happy with the service.

I have noticed recently (maybe past week or so) a dramatic drop in wifi speed. I first became aware of the issue when my firestick became extremely laggy - the firestick which is connected wirelessly to the Virgin box less than a metre away. I use a speed checker app on the firestick. Every now and then I use this app to check the connection speed. For as long as I can recall the result has always been great - typically 350-400 mb/s down and 40 mb/s up then as of a few days ago, I'm now getting less than 50 down and 10 up. To my knowledge nothing has changed at home regarding devices etc.   
To confirm these results, I connected my laptop directly to the VM box using a CAT8 Ethernet (40Gbps 2000Mhz High Speed Gigabit) Cable and performed a speed test which gave a result of 485 mb/s - broadly in line with the package I pay for. When I disconnect the cable and connect the laptop via wifi, the speed drops to around 50mb/s. Checking the wifi spectrum there are no other wifi networks close by. Rebooting the router makes no difference.

Can anyone advise what the route cause may be or how I go about troubleshooting?

Thanks, Colin


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