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WiFi Pod Causing Speed to Crash

Just taken delivery of a WIFI pod to help with a black spot in our house.  Connected to new Hub 3. However, since plugging it in the WiFi speed has crashed from a download speed of c180-250mbps earlier today to about 12. The hub tests at over 300mbps when connected and tested by ethernet  cable.  I’ve unplugged the pod, tested again but speed still poor. Moved the pod to different rooms etc. Also rebooted the hub. Checked the speed in various rooms using Virgin’s app which says WiFi is either good or excellent.  Ookla’s WiFi speed test says something completely different. Only been a Virgin customer for just over a week. If I’d known how useless and impossible it is to contact technical support or customer services with them I doubt I’d have switched!

Any help would be appreciated. Pod is now plugged in a socket in the garage. Is it faulty?


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